(This is the gist of paper presented by Vinod Kuriakose,India (2006):at UNDP forum -"A stronger E-Governance mean better and more doable MDG Agenda").
India with over one billion people and thirty-five state and provincial governments is certainly benefiting from e-governance. E-governance facilitate delivery of government services and benefits to large number of people. I believe that e-governance is improving governance at all levels. It not only increases the pace of growth of the country but is also increasing our global competitiveness.
E-governance helps both individual and society.
It helps individual in the following ways:    
  1. Improve standard of living
  2. Provide better opportunities
  3. To know and avail his rights as a citizen of India   
It helps the society in the following ways  
  1. Reduces corruption at all levels
  2. Free availability of information to all
  3. Availability of opportunity to all
  4. Equality
  5. Accountability in democracy
  6. Increases Governmental efficiency   
Impact of e-governance
India with over a billon people cannot transform overnight and adopt e-governance. It will definitely take time to reach and educate its entire people. Impact of e-governance is evident from the progress made by the Indian railways, the state websites with all relevant information, computerization of public offices etc.
How to promote e-governance?
There is a great need to promote e-governance to efficiently serve constituent needs. The prosperity of India depends on a uniform growth in both rural and urban fronts. The following areas need to be addressed to have uniform social and economic growth.
    1. Efficient and effective communication
    2. Greater participation of citizens
    3. Computerization of all public departments
    4. Adequate addressing of public grievances
    5. Clarity and transparency
    6. Awareness and education on e-governance at national and state level.
    7. Common service and delivery outlets
    8. Laws and information
    9. Infrastructure   
I strongly believe that e-governance is the only strategic weapon that is available to bring equality and prosperity in the life of an Indian poor after 50 years of independence.
2006: UNDP -Forum on "A stronger E-Governance mean better and more doable MDG Agenda"
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