MISUSE OF MOBILE PHONES
  Mobile phones are misused for
  1. Sending indecent, and adult contented messages and pictures.
  2. Giving missed calls disturbing your sleep and peace of mind
  3. Recording indecent and sexual acts (camera phone) and publishing it.  
1. IT Act passed in 2000 prohibits publication, distribution, reading, hearing and viewing of indecent and obscene items. The offence invites 5 years imprisonment and fine.
2. Under the IT act. A person receiving an indecent or obscene message or picture on his/her mobile phone should take the phone without deleting the message or picture to the nearest police station and give a compliant to a police officer not below the rank of deputy superintend of police.
Action & Investigation
As soon as a mobile phone is switched on, it registers itself with the network provider through the nearest base station. At the network provider, data on the identity of the user, the serial number of the mobile phone and the identity of the base station over which registration has occurred is logged and stored. This is done even if no conversation takes place. Moreover, every time a number is dialed this event is stored, irrespective of whether a connection is established or not. Thus police can inspect the call data recorder of the service provider and take action.
Following are the agencies sanctioned to collect call data and pursue investigation.  
  1. Central bureau of intelligence
  2. Intelligence bureau
  3. Narcotic control bureau
  4. Directorate of revenue intelligence
  5. Enforcement directorate
  6. Economic intelligence bureau
  7. State police/DIG/Home Secretary/Home Ministry
Protect your mobile from misuse  
    1.You are responsible for your mobile. All calls made and received, SMS send and received will be answerable by you.   
     2.If your mobile is lost complain immediately to police and your service provider.    
     3.Even if your SIM card is changed your mobile identity can be easily found out using IMEI      (INTERNATIONAL MOBILE EQUIPMENT IDENTITY).  
     4.Be careful when you buy second hand mobile phones. Get the details of the seller.  
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