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This is an email discussion group to encourage exchange of ideas and resources between persons interested in Right to Information, e-governance and e-litigation.



Refers to the use of information and communication technology to provide and improve government services, transactions and interactions with citizens, businesses, and other arms of government. E-governance facilitates delivery of government services and benefits to large number of people. The prosperity of India depends on uniform growth in both rural and urban fronts. 




Justicing process in India is in a state of disrepair. Indian judiciary comprises of 15,000 courts situated in approximately 2500 court complexes through out the country. Current total pendency of the cases in these courts is around 3,00,00,000. There is no data readily available which gives the Chief Justices a complete picture of the type of cases pending before the Subordinate Courts. Even in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, B’lore and Calcutta people have to wait for days and pay through their noses for a simple thing such as a copy of the judgment. Slow service of summons further slow down the process, which effectively stays the trial and delays the disposal. Interim relief, injunctions and orders delay the hearing of the main issues. The lack of resistance on adjournment and reluctance to limit adjournments further perpetrate the delay. The fundamental principle behind justifying the existence of any judicial system is to ensure dispensation of justice at the earliest opportunity. It has been established beyond doubt that with the help of Information Technology the process of dispensation of justice can be made easier, more convenient, accurate, less time consuming, less expensive involving lesser manual labour.


RTI – Right to Information Act

Information is power. Right to Information Act provides right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority. As the largest democracy, India needs a sustained and intensive effort to give information, to store, organise, and make it easily available, and to withhold it only when it is proven that this is in the best public interest.

This group provides a platform to share questions and answers on issues and concerns relating to Right to information, e-litigation & e-governance and their potential to change the democratic landscape. I welcome you to join this group.

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