NORMS FOR HELPING
Choose a help that will uplift the helpless and refresh you
Helping has become a culture, thanks to people with good hearts. More than just a gimmick, putting aside a percentage of earnings towards help has become a norm with both rich and poor. How do you select the right help to rejuvenate the helpless? A well-chosen help can uplift the helpless, while refreshing you and inspiring the people around you. Some popular norms and ways to help the helpless are:
a.  Give- Give your best by giving yourself.
b.   Help the young - Try to help deserving students. - Your help can make students achieve their lifetime dreams. In the process you transform Lives, Families and Communities.
c.   Support - Give physical and mental support to the Aged, Helpless and Hopeless.
d.   Field of Interest help- By establishing a Field of Interest, you can target your direct and indirect help to address needs in an important area of social life. E.g. Ageing, Youth, Women, Orphans e.t.c. 
e.    Help everyone- help means and includes giving to all in other religions and cultures. Their faith or race should not be considered; what matters should be they are fellow human beings.
f.    Help voluntarily and happily : Bank on your wisdom and understanding and decide how and whom to help. Help them voluntarily and happily.
g.   You can decide how much to help.    Help according to your ability. You are to help from the surplus you have after meeting your own needs.
h.   Physical Service -Do Volunteering or physical service if there is a witness in your heart.
i.    Help with the right attitude & intention
Help others with a humble heart. Never help someone with pride or for some ulterior motive.      
"The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others."   
-- Mahatma Gandhi
Let helping be our lifetime activity.
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