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Knanaya Community is a very distinct ethnic and religious group whose ancestry traces back to Abraham. Knanaya Christians, a hybrid people of Indian and Jewish descent, carved a unique niche for themselves in India. They developed a style of life that was borrowed from both their jewish and Indian progenitors but jelled into something that was essentially their own. Knananites continue to be an endogamous community.
I believe that Family Groups are vital for community building. It is essential to stay connected with those who matter most. Knanaya Family Group is the best place on the web to connect and share with the most important people in your lives.
This group provides you a platform to share your experience, strength and hope in life. Discuss your common problems and get them resolved. You are welcome to post your questions, comments and answers.
Members of Knanaya Community are invited to join this group. Please forward this invitation to all your Knanaya friends and relatives. This is a wonderful opportunity to know friends, relatives, and family members, gather information and request advice and help. I look forward to your joining the group and sharing exciting time with your own people.
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