FAQs on AIDS

                               FAQs on AIDS

Q.)How does HIV (Virus) transmit?

HIV (virus) transmits through Blood and Semen from one body to another. There is no other medium through which it can transmit.

Q)Does HIV (Virus) transmit through saliva?

HIV cannot transmit through Saliva because concentration of virus particles in sputum is almost NIL & exposure to air anyway kills virus in fraction of seconds.

( Although tiny amounts of the virus can be found in saliva, phlegm or tears, it's most unlikely to be spread by kissing or coughing, because you can only catch the virus if it enters your bloodstream ).

Q)Does a person get infected by drinking HIV infected blood.?

Drinking HIV infected blood will not infect a person, because the virus cannot survive in the acidic pH of stomach.

Q)Is it true that an intentional needle prick can infect the virus?

No it is not possible because HIV virus cannot live more than one second in air.

Q)How long will it take a person to get affected by AIDS.?

HIV virus transmission is an infection. The virus attacks immune cells (cells that fight against foreign pathogens/antigens) and hence a person's ability to fight against infections & diseases slowly diminishes and person ultimately progress to a condition of AIDS only after 7 to 12 years.

HIV is a virus and AIDS is a collection of illnesses.

Q)Is it certain that a person affected by AIDS will die after 12 years?

HIV is no longer a dreadful disease. It is chronic manageable disease just like Diabetes or Hypertension. Medicines, treatment programs, and a better understanding of HIV allow those infected to live normal, healthy, productive lives.

T here is no way to get all the HIV out of your body.   

Q)How to prevent transmission of AIDS.?

1.Avoid unsafe sex

2.Check before taking blood.

3.Use sterilized needles for blood donation      


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